Best Cordless Jigsaw 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Cordless tools technology has improved a lot during recent years. Especially in the battery and power departments. Many cordless tools have caught up with or even have excelled their corded equivalents.

If you’ve decided to move away from corded tools and you’re looking for the best cordless jigsaw, but you’re not sure where to start, then I’m glad you here. This article will guide you through the features you should look for as well as the best jigsaw brands and models available depending on your budget and needs.

Quick picks

If you don’t have time to read all the reviews, right below, you’ll find my picks for the best budget, best value for money, and best overall cordless jigsaws.

Best Overall - DEWALT DCS335B
Smooth, very accurate, and a powerful cordless jigsaw with fantastic features like a brushless motor for more efficient performance and excellent control thanks to the barrel grip.
Best Value For Money- Ryobi P524
This excellent, powerful saw has a lot of features found in more expensive models like variable speed, brushless motor, and tool-free blade removal/installation. A lot of bang for your buck.
Best Budget - Black&Decker BDCJS20B
A good option for DIY-ers and homeowners that need a cheap but reliable tool. A budget cordless jigsaw that is great for small projects and less frequent use

Best cordless jigsaws in 2023

Let’s have a closer look at the best cordless jigsaws that are available on the market. If you’re not sure what to look for, check this buying guide for more information.

Best Overall – DEWALT DCS335B

  • Power: Battery 20V
  • SPM: Up to 3200
  • Cutting Angles: 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees, both right and left
  • Blade Stroke: 1-inch
  • Weight: 4.6lbs

This cordless jigsaw model from Dewalt is packed with features. It’s not cheap, but if you’re serious about any kind of woodworking, or DIY-ing, this is a great contender to look closer at.

Product Highlights

The brushless motor here allows for longer runtime and efficient performance. It’s powered by a 20V max* XR® battery and delivers up to 3200 SPM(strokes per minute)variable speed controlled by speed dial. This provides a lot of flexibility in terms of types of materials cut and types of cuts you can perform. And, of course, better precision and accuracy. 

Add to it the 4 orbital settings that allow for adjusting the cut aggressiveness, and you got yourself a real beast. A very well-engineered, powerful tool that will handle any type of project you can have in mind.

The Good

It’s one of the smoothest, most accurate cutting cordless jigsaws on the market. The barrel grip allows for much control and maneuverability, as well as cuts in awkward and hard-to-reach places. All the controls are located in a way that you can access them easily with your fingers while working, making it indeed one hand-controlled tool.

There is no typical trigger button controlling the speed but a speed dial and a slider on the side of the tool. While this may be awkward speed control for some, it provides fully one-handed control of the tool, as mentioned above.

The Barrel grip allows for cuts in awkward and hard-to-reach places, and the ergonomics are spot on, making the tool very easy to use and feeling very well in your hand.

This jigsaw is on the heavy side, but the weight adds stability. It’s very well-balanced and doesn’t tip even with bigger batteries installed(unless you go for 9 or 12Ah, then it does a little).

A comfortable all-metal release lever allows for quick and very easy blade changing. The blade grip is excellent too, and there is barely any blade wandering, even with scrolling blades. Making it a good option for quick scroll cuts instead of a band saw/scroll saw. Of course, this depends on the project itself.

The led light is bright and will let you see the cut line even in dim conditions. It also features a dust blower to keep the cut line free from debris. The toolless bevel change is handy, and the detents on the shoe allow you to set the cutting angle to 0, 15, 30, and 45 deg.

It doesn’t kill batteries as much as some of its competitors. But battery life mostly depends on its size and the cutting tasks. If you want good runtime, pick at least a 5.0 Ah battery to go with this jigsaw.

No-mar shoe cover will prevent the surface from scratching, and an anti-splinter guard is designed to minimize splintering while cutting.

The dust blower works better at higher speeds, and contrary to what many people say, you are able to connect this jigsaw to a dust extraction system. All you need to do is place the dust extraction shroud onto the finger guard and then slide the dust chute from the back until it snaps onto the shroud. 

This then connects to the DeWALT quick connector (DWV9000), found on all full-size DeWALT vacuum hoses, over the dust collection port. These parts are not included, and you have to buy them separately.

The Bad

Not much to say here. This is a fantastic tool, and there are only a couple of small drawbacks to point out. All of them are pretty insignificant and are more a matter of user-based experience.

Like the metal wire/finger guard blocking the cut line, the release bar for the shoe can be challenging to move. And you can’t have the dust extraction attached while making bevel cuts. Not deal-breakers. 

It only takes T-shank blades, and while this makes it easier to change the blade, some users would like to use the U-shank ones as well. Don’t ask me why.

If you’re a beginner, this power tool probably will be overkill. But features like compact size, barrel grip, and excellent control gives you meaning that you’ll get better results faster.

  • Variable speed up to 3200 SPM
  • Barrel grip
  • All metal tool-less blade change system
  • Brushless motor
  • Dust blower
  • Plenty of power
  • LED light
  • Finger guard can reduce visibility
  • No obvious dust extraction
  • Can’t switch LED light off

Best Value for Money- Ryobi P524

  • Power: Battery 18V
  • SPM: Up to 3,500 (no-load speed) when paired with LITHIUM+™ HP
  • Cutting Angle: 0 to 45 degrees, both right and left
  • Stroke Length: 1-inch
  • Weight: 4.0lbs

With its 125+ cordless power tools range available on the market, Ryobi has become a popular prosumer choice. So if you’re looking for the best cordless jigsaw that won’t break the bank but has a lot of great features at the same time, you should definitely check this model from Ryobi. 

We’ll have a closer look at if it’s something that could perhaps be right for you as a DIY-er or homeowner.

Product Highlights

In this model, you’ll get a brushless motor for faster cutting, more power, and longer motor life, which is fantastic for the price of this power tool. Pair it with LITHIUM+™ HP batteries, and you’ll get up to an impressive 3500 SPM that will allow you to tackle any projects around the house.

While you’ll get the most SPMs with the LITHIUM+™ HP batteries, this cordless jigsaw will work with any type of Ryobi 18 V battery. Which is great if you own any other Ryobi cordless power tools.

Battery with high temp protection that prevents them from overheating is another feature worth mentioning. As well as Ryobi’s innovative blade-saver feature that allows access to unused blade teeth with the adjustable base.

Orbital action set to 3 gives you an aggressive cut, even capable of cross-cutting like a circular saw.

The good

This tool has a lot of positive user reviews. And what can I say? It’s packed with loads of pro features found in higher-end cordless jigsaws. You get a lot of bang for your buck. Quality build and materials, brushless motor, and tool-less features.

Starting from the top, the d-shape handle is comfortable to use, and the tool feels good in the hand. The trigger button switches the saw on and off, but the speed is controlled by a lever at the top of the saw.

While this can take time to get used to, it allows you to change the cutting speed while working. You can lock the speed with a lock-on button located on the side of the tool. Which is great if you’re working for prolonged periods.

This saw has enough power for any type of cutting task from 2x4s to 3/4″ plywood and a variety of hardwoods. The toolless bevel change is super easy to do, and you can set the angle up to 45 deg both sides.

The blade sits nicely in the blade roller, and tool-less blade change makes it easy to install and remove the blade. The blade is actually ejected by the clamp, so there is no need to touch the hot blade.

You also get the LED light, which illuminates the cutting line quite nicely, and it’s switched on by the pull of the trigger. The dust blower works to clear the cutting line from the debris, but you can attach the saw to the shop vac via the extension. While the saw doesn’t come with one, the Rigid one will fit just as well.

The cast aluminum shoe has a no-mar cover that prevents scratching the surface and also can be used to store two blades, which is very handy

The bad

A couple of drawbacks but nothing too serious. The variable speed lever /thumb control speed needs getting used to. Because it’s not a numbered speed dial, you won’t be to set the exact same speed. But the lever is easy to adjust and lock, and you’re able to change the speed while cutting.

Keyless shoe bevel change is great, but the angle marks are not as visible. And you can only do the 45 deg each side without any additional measuring tools. 

Overall it’s a great tool with excellent user reviews for DIY-ers and homeowners that won’t disappoint.

  • Variable speed up to 3500 SP
  • Brushless motor
  • Dust blower
  • Tool-less blade change system and bevel adjustment
  • Plenty of power
  • LED light
  • Attractive price
  • No numbered speed dial
  • Awkward speed lever
  • Bevel angles only 0 and 45 deg

Best Budget – Black&decker BDCJS20B or BDCJS20C(with battery)

  • Power: Battery 20V
  • SPM: Up to 2,500 (no-load speed)
  • Cutting Angle: 0 to 45 degrees, both right and left
  • Stroke Length: 3/4 in
  • Weight: 4.3lbs

If you only need to occasionally use a jigsaw and don’t have a big budget, this B&D model would be something to look into. I was actually quite surprised by the number of features it has, considering the price. But is this saw a good option for DIY/ beginners? Or is it one that won’t last long enough to be even considered?

Product highlights

Although it’s a cheap cordless jigsaw, it features a quite powerful motor delivering 2500 spm and variable speed controlled by the trigger. The 20V MAX battery that powers this unit will give you enough power for a couple of hours of work. But I must mention again that you should pay attention to the size of the battery. 

I’m actually quite amazed that you’re able to buy a cordless jigsaw that isn’t totally rubbish for less than $50. Add an additional $20, and you’ll get a battery and a charger, as well as the saw, in this BDCJS20C model.

The good

This jigsaw is easy to use and easy to handle, but keep in mind that it means sporadic use. It’s a great beginner’s tool that doesn’t cost an arm and leg and will allow you to get used to the jigsaw features. 

The tool-free blade change eliminates project downtime, and the built-in dust blower will clear the line of sight. It takes both types of shanks-T and U-shank, so if you have some of the old(u-type) blades lying around, you can still use them with this saw. The blade gets ejected like in the Ryobi model above, which is nice because you don’t have to touch a hot blade.

It has plenty of power for 3/4″ treated plywood and can even be used to cut off 2×4,” On top of that, the battery life is quite outstanding. The batteries themselves are interchangeable with other tools as long as they’re 20V.

The bad

Only 45 degrees each way for angled cuts, and it’s held by a hex screw-hex key stored onboard. But for the price, I wouldn’t expect tool-ls bevel adjustment anyway.

The charger and battery are not included in the BDCJS20B model, but you can buy the full kit(BDCJS20C model) for around $20 more. 

No speed dial- but not expected in a basic model, so not a big deal.

No orbital action setting to adjust the cut aggressiveness, but again this is a basic model, so not expected as well.

The bottom line is this is a good, cheap jigsaw for infrequent use around the house and simple DIY projects. 

  • Variable speed up to 2500 SPM
  • Tool-less blade change system with blade ejection
  • Pretty powerful
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Low price
  • Takes T and U-shanks
  • No speed dial
  • No dust blower
  • No orbital settings
  • Bevel angles only 0 and 45 deg changed with a hex key

Milwaukee MLW273720 Jigsaw

  • Power: Battery 20V
  • SPM: Up to 3,500
  • Cutting Angles: 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees, both right and left
  • Stroke Length: 1-inch
  • Weight: 5.75lbs bare tool

This is another top-notch jigsaw that has made it to my best cordless jigsaw list. Part of the M18 range, including over 150 tools, this excellent saw has many great features that will make your work smooth and fast. It has mostly positive reviews, but how does it compare to the DeWALT DCS335B? Let’s have a closer look.


This model features a Powerstate brushless motor that delivers up to 3500 SPM variable speed for better and more precise cutting. It provides even higher spm than most corded jigsaws, which is very impressive.

It’s powered by Redlithium Battery Technology that will give you more work per charge. This is great news as you won’t need that many batteries for constant work. Pair it with the XC5.0 battery, and the saw can deliver impressive 105 Linear feet of ¾ inch laminated particleboard.

Redlink Plus Intelligence communicates between the battery, charger, and the tool, optimizing performance and protecting from an overload.

The good

This tool is fast and smooth, as well as very easy to use and maneuver. It’s sturdy, well built, but on a bigger side. Nothing you can’t get used to, though. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty tool, this saw is a serious contender.

The ergonomic shape and rubber overmold make it comfortable to use. The speed is controlled by a two-finger trigger and can be locked by a lock-on button located on the site of the saw. This will reduce the user’s fatigue and allow focusing on making the cut.

A brushless motor and higher SPM allow cutting hardwoods and metal with no bogging down. According to the users, this model would be great for any type of project, from cutting laminate flooring to deck work. And would go through 2x8s like butter and won’t disappoint to cut 3/4 in ply or 2in cedar. 4 orbital settings allow you to adjust the aggressiveness of the cut depending on your needs.

The dust extraction reduces the amount of debris, and it’s good enough for indoor work, but it’s not dust free. Turning the blower off, as well as installing the plastic cover at the front while dust extraction is attached, helps the vacuum, though.

Standard toolless blade change allows for quick blade change (only T-shank). Just don’t try to remove the blade with the jigsaw upside down because it ejects the blade. This, in fact, is a good thing because you avoid touching the hot blade during removal.

The LED light has a cover, which is great while using it upside down(when using a barrel grip, for instance). The toolless shoe bevel has detents at 0, 15, 30, and 45 deg both sides, the same as the Dewalt, and makes the bevel angle change a breeze. 

The bad

Are there any cons? Just a couple of small ones. Firstly, the dust extraction port should be placed near the front to catch more dust, but switching the blower off and installing the plastic cover does improve the dust collection.

Another one is the lack of a speed dial, which makes it difficult to set a precise speed. This feature, however, can be found in the barrel grip version.

The splinter guard is a bit flimsy, and the bevel detents are poorly visible. Still, you can actually feel them clicking to place, so not a big problem.

Overall this is an excellent tool similar to DeWALT DCS335B and also in the same price range. Although the lack of a speed dial can be a deal-breaker for some users, it’s a great model to consider for professional work or if you’re a serious DIY-er with a lot of projects to complete

  • Variable speed upto 3500 SPM3
  • Tool-less blade change system and bevel adjustment
  • Very powerful
  • Powerstate brushless motor
  • Dust blower on/off switch
  • Dust extraction
  • Red lithium battery technology with Redlink plus intelligence system for more optimized battery performance
  • No speed dial
  • Bevel detents poorly visible
  • Premium price
View more details and users’ reviews


  • Power: Battery 20V
  • SPM: Up to 2,500
  • Cutting Angles: up 45 degrees both right and left
  • Stroke Length: 1-inch
  • Weight: 4.5lbs

This model from Porter-Cable sits somewhere between the budget Black and Decker and the Ryobi. I’d say it’s a solid DIY tool with some features that are not found in the basic B&D jigsaw but lacks the pro ones found in the Ryobi P524

Product highlights

It’s powered by the 20V max plus battery that will get the motor running with variable speed up to 2500SPM, same as the B&D but a lot less than Ryobi. The speed is controlled by a variable speed trigger, and the tool stops immediately once you depress it. 

The Good

It has a comfortable handle. It’s well-balanced and easy to control. A bit on the heavy side but adds stability.

Pretty sturdy and good enough for most jobs and DIY but not as smooth as the top of the range. Great for small projects, and you shouldn’t have any issues with cutting a variety of materials like 1″ plywood sheets, 1/2″ MDF, or 1/2″ particleboard. 

The 3 orbital settings give you a lot of flexibility in terms of the choice of materials you can cut with this tool as well as the type of cuts you want to perform.

What’s interesting is that you have a choice of parts that can be purchased and replaced at a little cost. 

The charger is able to detect certain problems either with the battery or the power source. The LED light will indicate what the issue may be.

It has a toolless blade clamp that allows for quick blade changes, and you can adjust the bevel angle up to 45 deg each way. And the dust blower clears the cut line from the debris.

The Bad

Let’s see what’s not so great about this jigsaw, keeping in mind that it’s more of a budget tool. So the bevel angle is changed with the Allen key that is stored on the jigsaw. Not ideal, but I wouldn’t expect a tool-less solution for this price.

It seems to eat through the 2 Ah pretty fast. Hence, my recommendation is to invest in bigger batteries that allow for more runtime.

The shoe is stamped rather than cast or forged, but this is expected considering the price, and you can buy a spare and replace it if you happen to damage it.

Overall it’s a good homeowner tool that is good enough for all around the house and DIY projects. It’s not as cheap as the B&D, but for a few more bucks, get a lot of useful features that B&D lacks. 

  • Variable speed up to 2500 SPM
  • Tool-less blade changes
  • Pretty powerful
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Attractive price
  • Dust blower
  • LED light
  • Cheap spare parts available
  • No speed dial
  • Bevel angles only 0 and 45 deg changed with a hex key
  • Stamped shoe
View more details and users’ reviews


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Power and motor type

With recent technical advancements, cordless jigsaws have become more powerful. And, in some cases, even exceeding the performance of corded models. The power comes from the battery it uses. So when looking to buy a cordless jigsaw, you should pay attention to the voltage of the battery. It can vary from 12V in older models to 18V, 20V, and even 24V.

Technically the more powerful the battery is, the more power the jigsaw has. The more power it has, the higher speed(strokes per minute -SPM) it can achieve. Make sure the chosen model has enough SPM for any cutting application you want. Most battery-powered jigsaw models’ SPM range is between 2400 and 3500. 

The type of motor is also important, as brushless versions will give you longer runtimes and motor life.

 Battery life

The battery life depends mostly on the type of projects you’ll use it for and the time the jigsaw is in operation. It also depends on the battery size and type. So small 1.5 Ah regular batteries will not last as long as 5 or 9Ah ones. The newest ones with enhanced technology will also prevent overheating and keep communicating between the tool, charger, and battery for optimized performance.

Variable Speed settings

Variable speed is essential as it allows for more control and precision cuts. While cheaper models control it via trigger, the more advanced jigsaws have an additional speed dial allowing to set the speed at precisely the same level every time. 

Blade Guiding

Blade roller guide -it’s another important feature. It prevents the blade from bending and keeps it square to the workpiece. It supports the blade, which is slotted between the guide, and gives it its accuracy.

You can find the basic roller guide in cheaper, basic jigsaws. In the best cordless jigsaw models, you usually find a precision roller guide, which makes the accurate cut easier.

Orbital settings

Found as standard, even in the budget models, the orbital setting allows the aggressiveness of the cut to be adjusted according to the blade used and the cutting application. What it does it makes the blade move backward and forward as well as up and down. The setting is 0 – no orbital action (slower but smoother cut) to 3 or 4 -the most aggressive setting(faster but more rough cuts).

Stroke length

This feature tells you how far the blade goes up and down. It varies from ¾ “to 1”. The longer the stroke of a jigsaw blade, the faster it cuts.

Tool-less adjustments

Features like tool-less blade change or tool-less bevel adjustment are not necessary, but they help to reduce the time you have to spend changing a blade or cutting angle. 

While most cordless jigsaws(even budget models) feature toolless blade replacement, the cheapest ones still need an Allen key to change the shoe bevel angle.

Dust management

This is a crucial feature that helps to keep the cutting line free of dust particles. While jigsaws generally don’t produce as much sawdust as power sanders, you don’t really want it in your way while cutting. 

Budget saws will have a dust blower that will blow the debris out of the way. In contrast, more expensive models may have both – the dust blower and dust extraction port that allows for hooking the tool up to a shop vac or dust removal system.

Grip style

You can come across 2 types of handles/grips- the barrel type and the d-handle type. Both of them have their pros and cons, and most users will prefer one or the other. 

Handles/grips are covered with some type of rubber overmold that improves user comfort and control over the tool. Ergonomic shapes will make sure you’d get a good grip on the tool that will guarantee user safety and accuracy of the cuts. Most importantly, the tool has to be comfortable to use, especially if you plan on using it frequently. 


Low vibrations not only contribute to a smoother finish cut but also have less impact on your hands, which is crucial if you work with the tool for long hours.

jigsaw Blades

There are two types of blade shanks available to use with a jigsaw – a T-shank and a U-shank. A shank is a part of the blade that is locked in a blade clamp. Most modern jigsaws will only allow for T-shank blade installation, making it a lot quicker to change-a toolless blade clamp. However, you can still find that some of them will take both types. 

Once you know the type of blade shank that jigsaw takes, you can then determine what jigsaw blades you need for your projects. The type of blade(the blade material and TPI-number of teeth per inch of the blade) will depend on the type of cuts you want to make and the material you will be cutting. 

You have different blades available for cutting wood and metal or ceramic, as well as different blades for straight, curved, and scroll cuts.

Other features

LED light – while not essential, it will make your life easier. Although a well-lit workspace should be your priority, sometimes, that’s not possible, though. Cheap models won’t have a light. So if you really need one, prepare to spend some dollars on your machine.

Shoe bevel adjustment- allows for making cuts at different angles up to 45 deg.

Onboard blade storage -allows for quick blade replacement keeping them handy and stashed away in a hidden compartment.


Finding the best cordless jigsaw depends mainly on the type of projects you do and how often you need to use one. Different models will suit different needs, from occasional to DIY to professional use. 

If you are looking for a cheap battery-powered jigsaw that will be used occasionally, then Black & Decker BDCJS20B(C) would be my recommendation. The most bang for your buck you find in a brushless Ryobi P524, which has many pro features.

The top spot, though, goes to the Dewalt DCS335B, which will be able to tackle any job, cut any materials, and be great for serious DIY-ers or professionals alike.

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