DIY Christmas Centerpiece Candle Vase-A Simple Festive Project for Any Space

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Discover the perfect DIY Christmas centerpiece candle vase to light up your winter décor! This DIY winter decor vase is an absolute show-stopper made with gel water beads, beautiful winter greenery, and luminous floating candles. 

It will bring the magical elegance of a winter wonderland right into your home! DIYers of all skill levels can create this centerpiece in just a few easy steps — no prior experience necessary. So clear up some surface space and make room for the holiday cheer of a DIY Christmas centerpiece candle vase.


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Diy Christmas Centerpiece Candle Vase Step By Step

This super simple Christmas decor centerpiece vase is a part of three decor vases (DIY Rustic Winter Pinecone Vase Home Decor and Super Easy DIY Winter Decor Candle Display/Centerpiece)I prepared for this coming winter season. To make it, you only need a few supplies that I’m sure are readily available this time of the year. 

Water gel beads add a touch of sparkle and can be found in many different colors to suit your needs. But if you don’t have them at hand, pure water will do as well, turning this vase into a floating candle vase.

Tools and materials

Prep The Gel Beads

the first step is to soak the beads in distilled water for them to expand fully. Simply follow the instructions on the packet. 


I used 2 quarts(2.5l) of pure/filtered/distilled water for a whole packet and let them soak for about 6 hours.


After they fully expanded, I used a metal strainer to remove the water. Since these can be used with real plants/flowers, you need to add some fresh water. Around 2in deep is fine.

Add Greenery And Winter Berries

Next, I added a couple of fresh spruce branches and some faux red winter berries. If you use fake decor bits, make sure they are plastic and won’t dissolve in water. Unfortunately, I used some very cheap ones, and the next day, I discovered that the coating dissolved and stained the water and beads with red color. 

Rinsing the beads didn’t eliminate it entirely, and I ended up with pink ones. I think at some point, with more soaking and rinsing in clear water, this pink shade will go away. Or so i hope, lol. Since I didn’t have time to go out and buy another packet, I’ve left it this way. (a memo for next time: buy more than one packet! Lol) 

Top Up With Floating/Led Tealight Candles

Now that everything is inside the vase, you can place some floating candles/led tealights on top. Or if you have a water-safe led fairy lights string, you can use that instead. It would beautifully reflect the light of the gel beads.

DIY projects are a great way to get in the Christmas spirit and create incredible decorations for your home. This DIY winter decor vase was an enjoyable project, and the end result would make a perfect holiday centerpiece! 

With simple supplies and  Christmas greenery, you can quickly make a DIY Christmas centerpiece candle vase that will bring out that festive feel. It’s truly something special to be able to craft something so beautiful with your own two hands – not to mention an economical option for sprucing up your mantel or dining room table. 

This DIY winter decor vase is a great way to infuse cheerfulness into any area of your home this holiday season!

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