Simple DIY Christmas Decor – A Wooden Vase Holder

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The time for making DIY Christmas decor has arrived, yay! I try to be more prepared this year and make them way ahead instead of rushing at the last minute. I’ve already made a rustic pinecone star Christmas decoration that you can check out.

And I plan for a couple more. This Christmas decoration is based on a wooden vase holder for fall decor that I made several weeks back.

It is simple and can be adapted for any occasion, really. So in this post, I’ll show you how to make a DIY Christmas decor with this wooden vase holder. 


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The vase holder is made with a couple of used pallet planks and four glass bottles. YOu can use any wood, and even wine bottles will be great for this project. It will look amazing as a table centerpiece or mantel decor.

tools and Materials

How to make DIY Christmas decor- wooden vase holder

You need two wooden boards/pallet planks. Sand them first before cutting to make your life easier. Then you cut each one into two parts- a longer one for either bottom or the top and one short for the sides. Their length mostly depends on the size of the bottles that you’re going to use.

Next, you drill holes in the top board for the bottlenecks using a drill saw bit. 

Once this is all ready, you stain or paint to your liking. I used the homemade steel wool/vinegar mix. Check out this post on distressing wood.

After you’re done staining, you should seal the wood with a top coat of your choice. I used a water-based matt poly spray.

Check the post I’ve written for a much more detailed tutorial on making this wooden vase holder.

Once your box is ready, you need to prepare the decor bit and pieces. Firstly I made fake snow. I mixed the powder with water. I wasn’t very pleased with the result as I expected it to be more powdery.

Maybe a bad batch or just the wrong type. It was more jelly-like. You could use a ready-made kind of fake snow or even cotton wool.

The next step was to choose the pine branches that fit into the bottles and were pretty much the same. 

The next step was to insert the led wires into the bottles. I took the branches out and inserted the led wires, leaving around 10 inches to wrap around the branch’s bottom bit. Then I inserted the branch into the bottle. The switch can be hidden in the branches. 

That’s the Christmas decor done. You can then add pinecones to the box or branches, hang baubles or other ornaments, and spray the branches with fake snow. I have left it as it is for now. I might add some more details once we are closer to Christmas, but I like the rustic look.

I hope you liked this DIY wooden vase holder. If you have any questions about this project, please leave a comment in the box below, and I’ll get back to you asap. 🙂 Don’t forget to pin this article to your DIY Christmas decor ideas and projects board. Thanks for stopping by!

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