25 Amazing DIY Fall Decorations Ideas

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While Spring is my favorite time of year, I do have a lot of great memories about Fall time from my childhood. Picturesque Polish landscapes full of beautiful colors and last days of warm, sunny weather. Days full of expeditions to collect acorns, conkers, and colorful leaves for yet another school craft or project.

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Nature gives you a lot of inspiration to create incredible DIY fall decorations ideas from different pumpkin projects to door wreaths to beautiful centerpieces, porch decorations, and many, many more. These decorations, I’m sure, will bring a lot of joy and colors to your home.

DIY Fall decorations ideas for home

When I was looking for these inspirations, I wanted to make sure you’ll find full tutorials on how to make them behind the link. So you can have a collection of projects ready to be made in one place.

Follow the links beneath each image to find how it’s made. Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to pin it to your Fall decor and crafts board 🙂

Fall rustic Manson jars

This easy project involves some paint and mason jars, as well as wheat stalks. You can buy them at Hobby Lobby, or if you live in the countryside, perhaps you could find some in the field. You’ll find full instructions for these Fall Rustic Manson Jars over at the SincerelyJean website.

DIY Fall Wooden Vase Holder

This super simple vase holder is made with only two pallet boards and stained with a homemade stain for a fabulous weathered look. Check the full tutorial here.

Easy toilet paper pumpkins

I was very much amazed by these cute pumpkins made out of toilet paper(!) Cute Fall decorations in a truly upcycling spirit 🙂 Full tutorial for Easy Toilet Paper Pumpkins found on Instrupix.

Pallet wood Centerpiece box

This beautiful pallet box, although here decorated for Christmas, can easily be adapted for a Fall-inspired centerpiece with some colorful leaves, little pumpkins, acorns, and perhaps orange rowanberries. Find full instructions for this Pallet Wood Centerpiece Box over at ANightOwlBlog.

DIY wood pumpkins

These pumpkins are super cute and easy to make, even if you don’t have any tools like a saw to cut them out. Find the full tutorial for these DIY Wood Pumpkins over at MeganPlusFive.

DIY painted dollar tree pumpkins

I really love these farmhouse-style pumpkins. Would you believe these are simple Dollar Tree pumpkins? They look amazing! If you like them too, follow to DIYWithMyGuy site and get the full tutorial on DIY Painted Dollar Tree Pumpkins.

Dollar store pumpkin makeover centerpiece

Another pumpkin makeover! Well, you just can’t get enough of pumpkins when it comes to Fall decor 🙂 This time it’s whitewash effect Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover Centerpiece from SimplyBeautifulByAngela.

Super Simple and fast DIY fall wreath

Beautify your home this fall with a DIY wreath that will fill the air with an inviting autumny atmosphere. This easy-to-make sunflower wreath is just what you need for creating a perfect fall vibe along with some stunning decoration. The full tutorial can be found here.

Easy DIY fall wreath from a picture frame

This beautiful Fall wreath is made out of a picture frame and some artificial flowers and leaves. I bet it’d look amazing on your door too. Find full instructions for this Easy DIY Fall Picture Frame Wreath over at AubreeOriginals.

Sweater sleeve pumpkins

These cuties are made out of sweater sleeves. So if you happen to have some of these lying around, you can easily upcycle them into beautiful Fall decor—full instructions for these Sweater Sleeve Pumpkins at DIYBeautify.

An Awesome Upcycled DIY Fall Wreath

This cute fall wreath is made from an old metal mirror frame I’ve found recently. Plus some foraged grass and acorns from walks with my little boy. A lick of chalk paint and some hot glue and voila! A pretty fall wall decor. The full tutorial can be found here.

Wine cork pumpkin

A super easy upcycling project involving wine corks, some glue, and orange paint. You could easily make smaller versions of this Wine Cork Pumpkin as well and create a centerpiece or mantel decoration, perhaps. Full tutorial at MyGourmetConnection site.

Pumpkin decor from old bottles

These awesome upcycled bottles will be a great addition to your Fall decor this year. I love the colors. You could even turn them into Halloween ones by adding some scary faces 🙂 Find full instructions for this Pumpkin Decor From Old Bottles over at SadieSeasongoods site.

Scrap wood pumpkin

If you have some scrap wood collecting dust somewhere in your garage/workshop, then this project would be perfect for you. This super simple Scrap Wood Pumpkin comes again from SimplyBeautifulByAngela.

Candle in a jar centerpiece

Another fantastic wooden box centerpiece. Perfect for upcycling pallet boards 🙂 Add some leaves, acorns, and perhaps rowanberries as well to make it your own. Follow to Addicted2DIY website for a full Candle In a Jar Centerpiece tutorial.

Pumpkin candle holder centerpiece

This pumpkin centerpiece looks fab. Make more than one and place them around the house for that amazing fall ambiance. Check all the steps needed to make this Pumpkin Candle Holder Centerpiece over at the ByStephanieLynn site.

DIY twigs candle holders

This idea is simple and highly customizable. All you need is some twigs, glass containers, and a hot glue gun. You can paint the twigs if you like as well. Then put some candles inside, and you’ve got your decorations ready. Find more info on Homedit site.

glittery acorns

If you want to add some sparkle to your Fall home decor check these awesome Glittery Acorns from SomewhatSimple.

Illuminated Tree

This simple Illuminated Tree is made with branches, some ribbon, and tealight holders. You could also upcycle baby food jars if you happen to have lots of them at hand. All the steps needed to make it can be found on the FancifulMiser site.

Marbled Indigo Pumpkins

I absolutely love these pumpkins. They’re gorgeous. You could perhaps try more traditional fall colors if indigo blue is not your thing. Check the full tutorial for these Marbled Indigo Pumpkins over at AliceAndLois site.

Fall Embroidery Hoop Wreath

This simple Fall Embroidery Hoop Wreath can be found on the 2BeesInAPod site.

DIY faux pumpkin vase

This pretty DIY Faux Pumpkin Vase will make any room look fab. Full instructions are found on the APumpkinAndAPrincess site.

DIY Centerpiece Box

Shara from WoodshopDiaries has this excellent DIY Fall Centerpiece Box tutorial on her site. Make sure you check it out. She uses new wood, but I’m sure you could use a repurposed one instead. Use fake pumpkins/rowanberries instead of fresh ones, and this decor piece will easily last until Winter.

Blue White faux porcelain pumpkins

I found these Blue White Porcelain Pumpkins on the NavagePatch site, and I was amazed at how great they look and how easy they’re to make. While they’re not very autumnal when it comes to colors, they’re absolutely fabulous! Just like the real thing.

Fresh Apple tea lights

This idea for simple and natural candle holders comes from the OneLittleProject site. Check all the instructions to make your own Fresh Apple Tea Lights. You can play with colorful apples and add some leaves and acorns around them to make it a truly Fall decoration.

Canning jar ring pumpkin

This idea is so simple and pretty. An excellent way to upcycle old canning jar lids. A quick last-minute project that can be made in no time at all. Find the instructions on YellowBlisRoad.

I hope you have enjoyed these great ideas for making decorations to enjoy the fall season. Let’s get into the spirit of this holiday and create some really awesome DIY projects that you can be proud of.

Happy crafting!

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