Super Simple DIY Rustic Winter Pinecone Vase Home Decor to Cozy Up Your Space This Season in Only 15 Minutes

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Winter is here, and while that likely means bundling up against the cold and short days, it’s time to bring a little bit of cheer inside.

A DIY rustic winter pinecone vase home decor would be perfect for brightening up your space! Making it is simple, but the impact will be lasting. 

With some simple supplies, you can quickly and affordably craft a beautiful piece of decoration that you can enjoy all season long. So why not give our DIY project a try? You won’t regret it – let’s get started!


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DIY rustic winter pinecone vase home decor

Get ready to make your home look absolutely stunning this winter season! All together with this rustic vase, I have prepared three super easy and quick decor projects that you should definitely try out. 

A gorgeous candle holder/centerpiece, a festive Christmas vase, and another simple DIY for the holidays – all perfect for making your space cozy during these cold months.

Tools and materials

Glitter snow

Start by filling the bottom of the vase with fake snow. It will create a wintry base that can take the decoration up a notch. The added touch of faux glistening flakes will brighten anyone’s festive spirit this holiday season.

Pinecones and fairy lights

Don’t stress if you don’t have the time to search for pinecones in nature – they’re available online and everywhere during this festive season! With all the holiday decor popping up, there’s bound to be a wide selection just waiting for your creative ideas.

The prep is very simple if you want to go the foraged route. All you need to do is soak them in water with a little bit of bleach. Then take them out and let them dry. The last step is to pop them in the oven so the bleach evaporates, and they open nicely.

Time to get creative! Start by placing a few pinecones in the vase. Then, toss in some twinkling fairy lights for extra sparkle. Finally, layer the cones until you have achieved the perfect look. 

Have fun customizing your own winter wonderland decoration! I added some white winter berries to the mix.

Wrapping up

Now it was time to add the final touch of detail! Taking out some silver snowflake burlap ribbon, I folded it in half and wrapped it around the top of the vase. To hold it in place, I used some twine for extra security, but you could also use a hot glue gun.

So there it was—a beautifully decorated vase. The attention to detail on this part made all the difference, and I could already tell that the finished result would look amazing.

It’s been so much fun sharing this DIY rustic winter pinecone vase home decor project with you! I hope you had fun learning how to make it. This project creates a simple yet beautiful accent piece to elevate any room. 

Plus, it was inexpensive and easy to make, and you get the rustic winter charm of pinecones and lights! Indeed, that kind of fantastic craft adds to the holiday season festivities. So, if this looks like a project you could get excited about, why not give it a try? Happy crafting!

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