DIY Spring Crafts-Candle Flowering Branches Vase

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Are you looking for a last-minute but inexpensive way to decorate your home for spring? I have the perfect solution! With DIY Spring crafts, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate your home.

You can create some elaborate and eye-catching decorations out of everyday objects! In fact, it is easier than you would think. All you need to do is use your imagination and experiment with different materials.

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How to make a spring vase with candle flower branches

This is one of the DIY spring crafts that is super simple, and you can make it with stuff that is usually collecting dust, like old vases, dry branches, and broken candles. Add an old crayon you’ve just found under the bed for a touch of color 🙂

I used old branches found on one of my walks, plus some moss that we have plenty of around. You can paint the branches dark brown/black if you want, but I’ve left them as they were. 

Tools and materials

  • Dry branches
  • Wax/candle– white plus a colored crayon
  • Sharp knife
  • A pan with boiling water/microwave
  • A bowl with ice water

Melt the wax

Put your double boiler on the stove. If you don’t have one, you can use a bowl inside another bowl filled with water. Put as much wax as you want in it and wait for the wax to melt. Add the colored wax crayon if you want to.

If you are in a hurry, use a microwave to melt the wax. Cover the container with a cling film to avoid wax spilling all over the inside of the microwave. Heat it in 30-sec increments on full power until the wax is liquid. Be careful not to burn yourself – the wax gets very hot.

Prep the branches

If your branches are too long, you can trim them. Clean if necessary and paint them if you want to with acrylic paint

Make the wax flowers on the branches.

The process is pretty straightforward, but I got some difficulties getting the flowers to stick to the branches or come off my fingers. You can run a trial test on a wooden skewer first. My first few attempts were a disaster, lol. This was until I discovered the trick to make it work every time. Check the tip below!

Tip #1
The first branch took me around one hour, and I was frustrated because the process was quick and painless in the video. It wasn’t until I thought that my skin/fingernails were too dry. I put some paraffin and wax mixture I got for my skin, and the flowers started to come off effortlessly. I believe you can use any cream that creates a film on your skin to make it work.

Once I did that, the rest of the branches were finished in less than 30 min, including reheating the wax. Word of warning – this project can get very messy with wax crumbles, melted wax, and sand. So keep this in mind and prepare accordingly.

  1. Dip the fingers in ice water and then in the wax. Make sure that your fingers don’t touch each other. You can repeat the process if necessary to make the flowers thicker. 
  2. Squeeze your fingers around the branch until the wax sticks to it.
  3. Repeat until all the branches are covered, and remember to reheat the wax to liquid form as soon as a thin film appears on the surface.

Check out the video below for the whole process:

Tip #2
Use white wax and add a colored crayon to create a color hue. I was going for white with yellow undertones, so I added a whole crayon to the white wax. The color came out bright yellow and too intense for my liking.
So I melted more white wax and added some of the yellow wax until it looked lemony. If you make the flowers with 2 layers of wax, the color will be more intense.  

Tip #3
You can use fragranced candle wax. This way, the flowers will have a delicate smell of your choice, like vanilla or cherry. 

Prep the vase

The next step was to create a base in your vase so the branches can be “secured.” Once you attach the flowers to the branches, they become quite heavy and can tilt out of the vase. I used the vase with a little sand to keep the branches while I was working on the flowers. This way I had my hands free.

Add some sand/small rocks

To make sure they stay inside and don’t move, I put some sand in the vase. You can use glass marbles or small rocks/pebbles as well.

Put the branches in the vase

I inserted the branches deep into the sand and made sure they were in the position I wanted so they don’t move.

Add moss

Then I added a few little rocks on top and some moss as well. 

And that’s it! Super easy and looks terrific. My brother didn’t even realize it was artificial until I told him, lol. So do yourself a favor and make one of these DIY Spring craft wax flowering branches for your home for everyone to admire. 

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