How To Make A Cute Winter/Christmas Hurricane Vase Centerpiece- Easy DIY Home Decor

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I love to make simple DIY decor for the holidays. Nothing too complicated or overboard. This hurricane vase centerpiece idea is easy to do and won’t break the bank. It is an easy way to create some wintery vibes in your apartment or home without having to do too much work – which is always good news for us busy bees! 


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So If you’re looking for a way to make your Christmas decorations quick and easy, this DIY centerpiece may be just what you need.

Whether or not it’s winter where you live, these simple steps should help get the creative juices flowing and bring some holiday cheer into your home! So go grab those supplies from around your house and start crafting now!

Tools and materials

  • Hurricane vase 
  • Frosted glass spray paint, chrome/silver spray paint, copper spray paint
  • Faux snow
  • Pinecones
  • Led fairy lights(battery-operated)
  • Dry branches/dry grass
  • Fresh/faux pine branches
  • Newspapers
  • Glue
  • Metal wire 1mm thick

How To Make A Cute Winter/Christmas Hurricane Vase Centerpiece

Home Decor From Newspaper Branches

I started with the funny curly decor bits that are made out of old newspapers. Start with a double page of a newspaper and start rolling it from the corner. The best way is to start rolling it around a wooden skewer. The bigger the newspaper page, the thickener the branch comes out at the end.

Then once you get to the straight edge, put some glue along that edge and keep rolling until you get one piece/tube. Let it dry.

Next, you insert a long piece of metal wire inside. Make sure it is as long as the paper tube.

Now you can either spray them with the spray paint color of your choice or curl them first.

I did both to check which came out best, but there wasn’t much difference. I used silver, chrome, and copper colors. Next, I used a broomstick to wrap the tube around it and create a curled shape. You can use anything that’s round (like a thin piece of plastic/metal tube or a special tool to do it.

You can make it more or less curled. Completely up to you. Check the video below on how to make these paper branches.

The hurricane vase centerpiece

I made a couple of vases using different glass. The first one is a square vase with some sand at the bottom. For the other one, I used a large hurricane vase with the fake glitter snow at the bottom.

For the hurricane vase, I used a frosted glass spray and spared it more at the bottom. I wanted a kind of foggy effect without a sharp edge. You can cover it all with spray paint. Use stencils to make a pattern. Whatever comes to mind. 

Next, I put some faux snow into the vase and pinecones as well. Finally, I inserted a couple of led fairy lights into the vase as well. Ensure that the wire goes around the pinecones, and there is a bit left out of the vase for it to go through the branches later.

Then I inserted the dry branches/grass into the vase. Next, the newspaper decor bit, and finally, the fresh pine branches. The last step was to wrap the led light wire around some of the pine branches. Make sure the switch is easily reachable.

You can add some Christmas baubles or other ornaments if you wish to make it more festive. For example, I may add some salt dough ornaments I made with my daughter last year closer to Christmas.

Now you have a beautiful centerpiece for your table. But, if you are looking to get more creative Or need more ideas for the festive season, then check out this post —-> Fantastic DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas and Projects.

I  hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Christmas/Winter hurricane vase centerpiece. Let me know how it turns out for you! Happy crafting!

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