Hello, Everyone!

I’d like to introduce myself and drop a few lines about the reasons behind this site.

My name is Kasia, and I love DIY. Literally, to the point that I’d rather do something myself than pay someone to do it or spend a vast amount of money on something that can be easily (in my opinion) done.

My family laughs and says that if you want to give Kasia a present and want to make sure she likes it, buy her an electric drill or a jigsaw. Lol :)) They think they’re funny :))

But yes…, I’m easily pleased :))

So The Story Is…..

My family and I moved to a different city some time ago. Because of that, I had to quit my then-current job (which wasn’t very exciting anyway). So with all the spare time (between cooking and cleaning and looking after my then 4-year-old girl) and less money, I started to think about a way to turn a new place into a home for my family.

The idea was to spend the least amount of cash possible, with the materials widely available and tools that I already have.

An hour or two was spent searching the internet, and the decision was made…. PALLETS!!!!!!!

There were so many examples of them turned into beautiful pieces of furniture- indoor or outdoor – but not many tutorials, plans, or easy-to-follow steps to make it happen.

That’s why I’ve come up with an idea for this site. To gather all this information in one place so that you can unveil your creative side without hours spent on the internet searching.

Then it evolved into more ideas and DIY/upcycling projects as well as power tool reviews and tutorials.

So here I’m going to show you step-by-step tutorials for all my projects in easy to follow way. I’m going to give you all the tools that you need to make the process painless 🙂 Of course, all the projects will need some physical work, but I assume that you realize that nothing just appears out of thin air 🙂

If you think you could do some things differently, e.g., easier, less complicated way, or you’ve got an idea that could contribute to this site, please drop me a line or leave a comment. Any feedback is highly appreciated. Any ideas are very welcome!!!

I’m always updating my site with new ideas and information, so make sure you visit regularly 🙂

And one last thing…..

Have fun with your projects!!!

Thank you for dropping by!

More about

Kasia, a passionate upcycling expert and self-taught woodworker, has been transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary through her innovative DIY projects. Raised with an appreciation for creativity and sustainability, Kasia hails from a vibrant city where her love for upcycling and woodworking was born.

Kasia’s mastery of woodworking and upcycling is entirely self-taught. She has spent years perfecting her skills and developing her unique style, proving that passion and dedication can indeed compete with formal education.

With eight years of hands-on experience in the realm of upcycling and woodworking, Kasia has breathed new life into countless pieces of furniture. Her knack for seeing the potential in discarded items and transforming them into valuable assets is truly remarkable.

While she hasn’t written any books or held any formal titles, Kasia’s real achievement lies in the successful blog she runs, ‘Upcycle This, DIY That.’ Here, she shares her wisdom and inspires others to embark on their own journey toward sustainable living and creative expression.

In the world of DIY and upcycling, Kasia is well-regarded for her expertise, creative vision, and dedication to her craft. Among her community and readership, she is known as the ‘DIY Girl’ and a trusted resource for those seeking to learn and grow in the realm of DIY, upcycling, and woodworking.

Kasia continues to share her love for sustainability and creative transformation, inspiring many to view their world with a fresh, resourceful eye and to seek out the hidden potential in the objects around them.