The Grass Is Always Green When It’s Artificial

Today I’d like you to meet Jenny Jackson who has asked to write an article for me about artificial grass for your garden. Jenny has a knowledgeable background as she used to be a garden architect. Although is not pallet related, I hope you’ll like the article and find it interesting.

People like the idea of a beautiful lawn to complete their garden without any of the work, and artificial grass ticks those boxes.

You Care About The Environment

A lot of people are against this type of grass for environmental reasons, including that it can’t absorb carbon dioxide like real grass can. However, to maintain real grass you need to use electrical or gas-powered machinery to keep it short, which gives off carbon dioxide.

Artificial grass also doesn’t need to be watered and will still keep its aesthetically pleasing shade of green all year round. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that up to 60% of household water is used on landscape irrigation, so this number could dramatically decline and a huge amount of water would be saved if more people opted for grass like that.

You also won’t need to use any chemicals on it, such as fertilizers or pesticides, which removes the risk of them contaminating waterways or harming wildlife.

Modern Perfection

One of the biggest reasons people like artificial grass is because of its everlasting green and neat appearance, making it perfect for modern home and garden designs. Advances in its production have made it difficult to tell that it’s artificial by looking at it as it no longer has a plastic appearance or smell to it.

It is also UV stabilized, so it’s protected from fading in the sunshine and the blades of grass won’t flatten over time either. Another bonus is if you have an area that you want green but grass either can’t grow there or has difficulty staying green and healthy, such as on roofs, this grass will do the job perfectly for you.

For Little Ones To Run Around

Fake grass is very durable, lasting anywhere between 15 to 25 years, depending on how often it’s used. Real grass provides a natural habitat for insects and pests, meaning artificial grass will keep things like ticks, fleas, and bacteria away that can be problematic for children and pets.

It also means there’s no chance of little ones ruining the lawn by running around, getting grass stains on their clothes and then bringing dirt and mud indoors, making for a cleaner and more hygienic home.

This type of grass is permeable too, meaning that not only can rainwater drain through it, but pet urine can too, and waste won’t stain it, so there’s no bad odors or stains, keeping your lawn looking its best and smelling fresh.

Maintaining Artificial Grass 

Artificial grass is a lot less maintenance than real turf, but it does require some care to make it last and keep it looking good. New artificial lawns will have a sand infill that helps to structure the turf. For the first 6-8 weeks, you’ll need to regularly brush the grass lightly to help evenly distribute the sand.

You then need to brush it about once a month to keep it looking good and remove debris. Be sure to brush it in different directions to keep the blades standing upright and not all pointing in the same direction.

You may get some weeds to grow through, which you can either remove as they appear or spray with weed killer, as long as it’s water-based so that it doesn’t cause damage.

Make sure you remove things like leaves quickly to avoid them building up and causing weed growth and drainage problems.

The Downside Of Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass can be expensive, including grass removal, ground preparation, and materials. It also lacks the ability to cool itself the same way as real grass, which can make it uncomfortable to walk or sit on in hot weather.

There’s also a risk of contaminants sitting on the grass, such as blood or animal excrement, which would wash off with rainwater on real grass but can stick to artificial lawns, so you’ll need to clean them off yourself.

But at the same time, fake grass has come a long way in the last few years, making it an ideal option for those who want a low maintenance garden that’s aesthetically pleasing. It offers a clean appearance that particularly suits the look and feel of modern gardens where clean cut edges and defined areas are key.

Jenny Jackson

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