22 Halloween Pallet Ideas and Decorations

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Halloween is a time of fun, mystery, and creativity. What better way to celebrate than crafting your Halloween decorations using the simple materials you may already have?

Whether you use pallets or reclaimed wood for these creative projects, each one, I’m sure, will bring back memories from childhood with its spooky ambiance. It will also keep any little ones entertained this season in anticipation of candy treats on October 31st.

If you wonder what can be made with pallets, have a look below. You will find awesome Halloween pallet ideas and decorations, from pallet fences and graveyards to cute pallet pumpkins and lanterns, pallet coffins, and more!


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Everything you need to create amazing Halloween decor and a creepy atmosphere inside and outside your house. Make sure to get your kids, family, or friends to help you with the projects. Fun guaranteed.

Make sure you have all the tools and materials needed to be able to make those.

DIY Halloween Pallet Ideas and Decor

Some of them didn’t have any instructions, but I liked them so much that I’ve decided to include them for your inspiration.

Anyway, follow the links beneath each image to find out how these unique Halloween pallet ideas are made. Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to pin it to your Halloween decor board 🙂

DIY Halloween Pallet Pumpkin

This awesome idea for a Halloween pumpkin comes from the Kate Arthur site.

DIY Pallet Jack O’Lantern

Simple Halloween project for upcycling pallets with only a few tools needed.

Wooden Pallet Halloween family

This cute idea for a Wooden Block Halloween Family comes from the Ribbons and Glue site.

DIY Countdown to Halloween Pallet sign

All you need is a pallet, stencils, and some paint to make this great project for Halloween. Find the full tutorial for this DIY Countdown To Halloween Pallet Sign at The Celebration Shoppe site.

Easy DIY Halloween fence

Although this fence is made out of pine planks, you can easily use pallet boards. They won’t need as much prep and will look better. Make sure you have all the materials and tools needed:

  • Pallet Planks
  • Brown Twine
  • Wood Glue (Outdoor Glue Preferable)
  • Brown/Red Wood Stain or Paint
  • Stretchy Halloween “Creepy Spider Web
  • Saw -circular saw, miter saw, or a jigsaw
  • Hammer & Nails (or Brad Nailer, etc.- check the best nail gun for DIY I recommend)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Hot Glue Gun

DIY Halloween Black Cat Wood Cutout

You can create this DIY Halloween Black Cat Wood Cutout to decorate your porch or window with a jigsaw or scroll saw. Use pallet planks or a sheet of ply. You can even experiment with colors or make it glow in the dark. Follow the instructions on the JenWoodhouse site.

DIY Halloween Pallet fence

Another Halloween pallet fence that will make your yard look super spooky and creepy.

DIY Halloween zombie pit

Super simple DIY Halloween Zombie Pit. All you need is a pallet and some accessories like a fake chain, fake arms, a zombie head, and some bricks. Watch the video to learn how to make it. If you want something more sophisticated, check the video below for a zombie pit with lights, sound, and fog!

DIY pallet zombie pit with lights, sound, and fog

This project is really awesome. I love how she recorded her own zombie sounds. Check it out!

Halloween pallet skull head

Get some pallet planks, a jigsaw, and some wood glue. Follow the instructions from the video, or if you want a flat design, check this tutorial from Instructables. You can download the scaled pattern below to print at home or scale it yourself on the Blogposters site.

DIY Halloween pallet cat

While you’re at it, cutting out some pallet skulls, you can easily make this Halloween cat. To make it even scarier, add some glow-in-the-dark eyes or perhaps LED lights.

Halloween pallet zombie hole hatch

Another zombie hole hatch made with a smaller size pallet with LED lights. It looks awesome. Check it out yourself.

DIY Halloween monster in a box

This project would be perfect for more advanced woodworkers/DIY-ers as it involves building some kind of mechanism to make the box lid flap. Find more details on this Halloween pallet idea on the Instructables site.

DIY Halloween Pallet coffin

This pallet coffin is amazing and pretty easy to build. Add some sound and/or smoke, and it will be even more spooky. Find the instructions for this project on the Instructables website.

DIY Spooky Pallet Graveyard

I love this Halloween pallet fence. Together with the pallet tombstones, it will make an amazing DIY Spooky Pallet Graveyard for your front yard. Full tutorial found on the TwelveOnMain site.

Pallet Crate Halloween decor

Pallet wood, some gauze, lights, and an artificial skull are all you need to make this Pallet Crate Halloween Decor. It’s a quick project that doesn’t require much woodworking knowledge. Find more details on this project on AnaWhite or get the full instructions on how to build the crate here.

Creepy Halloween coffin Zombie

Here is another awesome pallet coffin decor for Halloween. The zombie makes it extra creepy. To make it, follow the instructions on Instructables.

Halloween Directional Pallet Sign


Another amazing project. This time Halloween Directional Pallet Sign. Simple design that is great for beginners, and there are not too many tools and materials needed in order to make it. Check the tutorial on Instructables.

Halloween Pallet ghosts

How cool are these cute pallet ghosts? And super easy to make too. Use a scroll saw or a jigsaw to cut them out, and you can experiment with colors as well. Check the tutorial on the HappiestCamper site.

Pallet pumpkins

Fantastic pallet pumpkin project that you can easily adapt for Halloween. Just add some scary faces, and voila! If you want to know how Vineta got this beautiful orange color still showing the wood grain, then check the tutorial on TheHandymansDaughter site.

Pallet Halloween Neon Sign

Another quick Halloween project with only a few tools and materials needed. You can easily make it with the help of your kids, and to make it more fun, try to create different designs. Check the steps at the GingerbreadHouse site.

Halloween pallet pumpkins

More pumpkins, yay! Quick and easy project to decorate for Halloween. To make it more spooky, add some scary faces. To make these cute pumpkins check TheCountryChicCottage for instructions.

I hope you liked these ideas for pallet Halloween decorations. Now that you found what you want to make let’s create!

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  1. These are cute.. or spooky! My neighbor has a dumpster rental that is full of these, and I’m just dying to put them to use! Perfect time for Halloween

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